Creative Devices Part II

I didn’t get as many people in my first round of photos for Project One, so I did a second shoot today.  With pictures I always feel like the more the merrier (and the more to choose from)… why not.

—>You have to love technology.  The library computers won’t allow me to upload my pictures, so they will be soon to come in the future 🙂

Photo 9:

Chose this picture because it was so bright the man under the tree almost looked like a silhouette.  I also used the rule of thirds in placing him in the photo

Photo 10:

I tried to work with framing on this photo, although I still can’t get the camera to remain focused once I adjust it to where I want it.  I would ideally like the girl to be clear and the branches out of focus.

Photo 11:

I was lucky enough to catch someone doing work to the Thompson statue outside of the library.  I like the photo because of how large the statue is compared to the man working out it, even though their heads are around the same height.  Also, I used rule of thirds in placing the statue/man.

Photo 12:

I used the stairs as a diagonal line to lead the eye to the man studying at the top of the stairs.  Also the red color he was wearing stood out in the photo.

Photo 13:

This was another example of framing.  I got down on the ground under one of the willow trees in the oval so I could have a unique angle and also was able to get a frame where just the person between the branches in the light stood out.


~ by awaltermeyer on September 29, 2010.

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