Creative Devices

I used several different creative devices when I went out and took my pictures.  I live off-campus at Olentangy Village, which is close to the Olentangy River, so I had a great backdrop for cool photographs.  Included in this description are my first photographs and their creative devices.

Photo 1:
My first photo is an example of attention to detail.  I had honestly never seen a car like this, and thought on up-close photo of its grill would have a unique look.

Photo 2:
Photo two was an example of framing.  I decided to use a tree (branches and leaves) as a frame and use the first person I saw.

Photo 3:
In photo three I used several creative devices-some on purpose and others I noticed afterward by accident.  First of all, it was a gloomy day and the red sign really stood out to me in the green and gray background.  Secondly, the dam served as a diagonal line that led the eye right up to the sign that says “Danger Dam”.  I also used the rule of thirds when placing the sign in my photograph rather than centering it or placing it all the way to the left side.  When I was done taking the photo, I noticed that the picture also included some elements of reflection within the water, both of the sign and of the trees.

Photo 4:
Photo four was a good example of attention to detail.  I had trouble focusing in on objects, and this picture ended up being the only one to really show all the veins and colors perfectly.

Photo 5:
This was another example of framing, as I used wooden planks on a bridge to frame the built up debris in the river.  I would probably use this picture if I were to do a story on the high pollution within the Olentangy River.  I also tried to use the rule of thirds to place the debris on the right 2/3 and a metal rod on the other third rather than centering the photo.

Photo 6:
Photo six was a shot of a runner on the Olentangy Bike path, which I used both rule of thirds in placing the runner as well as diagonal lines of the bridge and bike path to guide eyes across the photo to the runner.  I also did an unusual angle to make the photo interesting, taking the photo at ground level rather than standing.

Photo 7:
Photo seven was a great opportunity at using diagonal lines (of one of the buildings in my neighborhood) to lead up to a smoker leaning against their building.  The person also adds color with the green shirt, and follows the rule of thirds in placement as well.

Photo 8:

My best attempt at motion.  I also liked the splash of color the biker brought to a gloomy day.  Hoping to get better at the action shots.


~ by awaltermeyer on September 29, 2010.

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