The Higher You Are, the Harder You Fall

Call me a sore loser, but I am.


This year was my senior year.  We were supposed to win them all.  Now that’s not possible.

Sure, we lost two games in 2007 and still made it to a National Championship (that we never should have been in)…and we could still do it this year…but there’s something about perfection that just makes it so much better.

I feel like I spend every week defending Coach Tress to all of the haters…and I complain about those who criticize his do-good nature.  Come on people, it’s possible the man really does have feelings and cares about people and isn’t JUST doing it to look good.  But this weekend, I crossed the line.  I spent close to 3 quarters of the game yelling at coach through the television set asking him WHY he didn’t try to take a time-out and get 45 seconds at the end of the half and try for at least a field goal…and WHY he didn’t go for in on 4th down when there was 6:00 left in the 4th and we were still down by two scores (and our D-line still hadn’t figured out how to stop Clay).

I get more attatched to my school’s teams than I do to boyfriends.  If you asked me if I’d rather break up with a guy I’d been with for a year or go back in time and win this weekend’s game…I would answer the second without a breath of hesitation.  I hate to think that I jinxed it, but for some reason this year I had a feeling we’d do it all.  I’m embarrassed to say that I already looked at flights to Glendale, and priced hotels in all the major cities hosting bowl games.

I am completely selfish when it comes to winning football games.  This was my 7th loss in four years as an Ohio State student, and it might be the hardest because this year I had the most hope.  Now don’t get me wrong, I still hope that everyone around us falls, and we move back into #1 or #2…and yes, I think we can, but I’ll miss the credibility that comes along with being undefeated.

Some positives…I’m proud of the Big Ten this year.  Honestly, I think we’re the best that we have been in 10 years, which is exciting.  Also, we have some great games coming up this week, and maybe this loss came as an early enough wake-up call to keep us in a BCS Bowl Game.

I hated losing.  I cried the next morning when I realized it wasn’t a nightmare and that it really happened.  Call me crazy, but I’ll just call it passionate.  I cover Ohio State, I’ve been a life-long fan, and I’m more passionate about this school than almost anything else in my life.  I can’t imagine going to a school that loses 3-4 games year in and year out.  Lose that many here and you better expect jobs on the line and very angry fans. I think everyone, myself included, needs to take a deep breath, realize how lucky we are to be such a great institution, and just get ready for next week.

Until next week…



~ by awaltermeyer on October 18, 2010.

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