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Feature Photos

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With Halloween rapidly approaching, Pam Downing; 49, chooses several pumpkins for her home in Clintonville. 10/4/2010.


Zach Kelley; 23, and Patrick Meissner; 22, get ready to watch the Buckeyes kick off Big Ten football play at The Little Bar in Columbus, OH. 10/2/2010


Father Nick Nosek; 34, helps son Crosby; 2, ride Benson the Bull Terrier on a crisp, fall afternoon at the Worthington Farmer's Market. 10/2/2010


Ohio State vs. Eastern Michigan

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Ohio State vs. Eastern Michigan was the last of a LONG stretch of home games, but I feel like I made a lot of progress in the first four games.  I went from being there from 10 a.m. to shoot and leaving the editing studio at 3 a.m. to being there from noon to 9 p.m.-much better.  I also got a lot better about logging the times of quotes and plays that I wanted to incorporate in my video so that I could edit more efficiently.

There are still plenty of things that I want to work on during the regular season: the first goal being to get better and sticking with the plays and following them beginning to end.

Creative Devices Part II

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I didn’t get as many people in my first round of photos for Project One, so I did a second shoot today.  With pictures I always feel like the more the merrier (and the more to choose from)…..so why not.

—>You have to love technology.  The library computers won’t allow me to upload my pictures, so they will be soon to come in the future 🙂

Photo 9:

Chose this picture because it was so bright the man under the tree almost looked like a silhouette.  I also used the rule of thirds in placing him in the photo

Photo 10:

I tried to work with framing on this photo, although I still can’t get the camera to remain focused once I adjust it to where I want it.  I would ideally like the girl to be clear and the branches out of focus.

Photo 11:

I was lucky enough to catch someone doing work to the Thompson statue outside of the library.  I like the photo because of how large the statue is compared to the man working out it, even though their heads are around the same height.  Also, I used rule of thirds in placing the statue/man.

Photo 12:

I used the stairs as a diagonal line to lead the eye to the man studying at the top of the stairs.  Also the red color he was wearing stood out in the photo.

Photo 13:

This was another example of framing.  I got down on the ground under one of the willow trees in the oval so I could have a unique angle and also was able to get a frame where just the person between the branches in the light stood out.

Creative Devices

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I used several different creative devices when I went out and took my pictures.  I live off-campus at Olentangy Village, which is close to the Olentangy River, so I had a great backdrop for cool photographs.  Included in this description are my first photographs and their creative devices.

Photo 1:
My first photo is an example of attention to detail.  I had honestly never seen a car like this, and thought on up-close photo of its grill would have a unique look.

Photo 2:
Photo two was an example of framing.  I decided to use a tree (branches and leaves) as a frame and use the first person I saw.

Photo 3:
In photo three I used several creative devices-some on purpose and others I noticed afterward by accident.  First of all, it was a gloomy day and the red sign really stood out to me in the green and gray background.  Secondly, the dam served as a diagonal line that led the eye right up to the sign that says “Danger Dam”.  I also used the rule of thirds when placing the sign in my photograph rather than centering it or placing it all the way to the left side.  When I was done taking the photo, I noticed that the picture also included some elements of reflection within the water, both of the sign and of the trees.

Photo 4:
Photo four was a good example of attention to detail.  I had trouble focusing in on objects, and this picture ended up being the only one to really show all the veins and colors perfectly.

Photo 5:
This was another example of framing, as I used wooden planks on a bridge to frame the built up debris in the river.  I would probably use this picture if I were to do a story on the high pollution within the Olentangy River.  I also tried to use the rule of thirds to place the debris on the right 2/3 and a metal rod on the other third rather than centering the photo.

Photo 6:
Photo six was a shot of a runner on the Olentangy Bike path, which I used both rule of thirds in placing the runner as well as diagonal lines of the bridge and bike path to guide eyes across the photo to the runner.  I also did an unusual angle to make the photo interesting, taking the photo at ground level rather than standing.

Photo 7:
Photo seven was a great opportunity at using diagonal lines (of one of the buildings in my neighborhood) to lead up to a smoker leaning against their building.  The person also adds color with the green shirt, and follows the rule of thirds in placement as well.

Photo 8:

My best attempt at motion.  I also liked the splash of color the biker brought to a gloomy day.  Hoping to get better at the action shots.

Hello world!

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Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Ashley and I’m entering the last year of my existence here at Ohio State.  This is the end to four crazy years–that started with freshman year parties…and is ending with 20 credit hours, two jobs and an internship…ohhh how your priorities change in such a short time.  

I’m so thankful for everything I’ve gotten to experience in my time here at OSU.  I didn’t have the best priorities to start, but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be who I am now without each and every experience.  Freshman year was all about meeting people, going out five nights  a week, and flying through GEC courses.  Senior year is all about graduating without debt (hence the two jobs) while shoving in 20 credit-hour quarters and an internship that I hope can lead me toward a successful future.

I’ve learned to manage my time with the best, but now time is running out and I’m just trying to educate myself on every aspect of this ever-changing world of journalism…wish me luck.

Ready. Set. Go!